June 2018

Ontrak is moving to a new larger facility effective July 1st, 2018.  Our new address is: 1545 Maley Drive, Unit 3, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 4R7.  Telephone, FAX, and all email contacts remain unchanged. 

April 2018

Ontrak has been on the web since 1996 with several web makeovers along the way. Our old web page was becoming a little long in the tooth. This month our new web page went live with a new Web2.0 feel.

March 2018

The ADU228 and ADU258 are now shipping. These eight channel, USB Solid State Relay Output interfaces use new PhotoMOS relays from Panasonic with exceptionally low RDSon ratings. Available in 2-Amp and 5-Amp versions, they offer the durability of solid-state relays with full CSA/UL safety certifications and a CE mark.

January 2018

The ADU222 and ADU252 are now shipping. These dual channel, USB Solid State Relay Output interfaces use new PhotoMOS relays from Panasonic with exceptionally low RDSon ratings. Available in 2-Amp and 5-Amp versions, they offer the durability of solid-state relays with full CSA/UL safety certifications and a CE mark.

September 2017

The ADU70 USB Load Cell Interface is now shipping. This 24-bit Wheatstone bridge amplifier operates with most standard load cells and features outstanding accuracy of +/- .02% of FSR. With 5.000V excitation, 2500V isolation and 24 bit resolution, the ADU70 is the best in class. See the ADU70 Web Page for details.

June 2017

Ontrak Control Systems is presently developing a series of LabView example VI's to demonstrate communications with USB devices including all ADU products. The first example demonstrates basic communications to USB devices in LabView using the AduHid DLL. It has now been posted on the Programming web page.

April 2017

It has been 15 years since the ADU218 Solid-State Relay I/O Interface was released, and in that time the technology used to manufacture PhotoMOS relays used in the product, has improved greatly. The new AQZ202G and AQZ207G relays have RDSon resistances as low as 15 milliohms allowing both higher current ratings for AC and DC power applications, and superior performance for low level signal control. Today we announce the pending release of four new ADU, PhotoMOS based, USB Solid-State Relay I/O Interfaces, including 2, 8-channel, and 2, dual-channel versions. The products are presently in the safety certification process at CSA which is expected to conclude in July, allowing for an August 2017 release date. See the Products Page for details on these new PhotoMOS relay based interfaces.

March 2017

The second product in our ADU70 series is now shipping. The ADU72 USB to Current Input Interface is a 0-20mA or 4-20mA receiver that facilitates connection of two, three or four-wire process transmitters via a single USB connection. The ADU72 features an internal 24VDC power supply eliminating the need for an external loop power supply in most applications. See the ADU72 web page for more details.

February 2017

A new Visual Basic programming example using Visual Studio 2015 has been added in the programming section. The tutorial demonstrates the correct method to communicate with ADU devices, including the new advanced functions available in version 2.1 of the AduHid dll. See Visual Studio 2015 VB Example for more details.

January 2017

The AduJava example has been updated to include a 64-bit version of the sample application. The sample application demonstrates a method of accessing an external DLL in Java. The sample code demonstrates how to access the AduHid.dll file in Java allowing control of ADU or other USB based devices in Java ( JNI ). See ontrak.net/java.htm for more information.

March 2016

Ontrak has received delivery of a complete SMT production system manufactured by DDM Novastar in King of Prussia PA. The LE40 pick-and place-machine, SPR-25 stencil printer, and GF12-HT oven will facilitate the production of our new ADU70 series of products.

March 2015

The first in our new ADU70 series of products is now shipping. The ADU71 USB to Current Output Interface is a unique product allowing a 4-20 or 0-20 mA current loop to be generated via a single USB connection. The ADU71 features 2500V isolation, 16-bit accuracy, and an internal 24 volt loop power supply generated from the USB power supply making connection to valves, VFD's or process indicators as simple as it gets. The ADU71 also has many advanced features such as, programmable slew rate, loop error detection, over-temperature protection, and a programmable watchdog timer.

November 2014

Ontrak Control Systems proudly announces the opening of The Fortin Discovery Lab

The Fortin Discovery Lab was conceived, designed and built by Tom Fortin, founder of Ontrak Control Systems, and opened on November 5th, 2014. The mandate of the facility is to promote the development of commercial and industrial products that are to be manufactured in Canada or the USA, and further, to encourage graduate engineers to consider entrepreneurial efforts in manufacturing. Initial capital funding was provided by The Fortin Foundation and FEDNOR. The lab features full capabilities for electronic/mechanical product design up to and including pre-production. The facility features 3D design and printing, electronics design and assembly, CNC mold making, injection molding of plastic parts, and laser micro-machining, with capabilities selected for development of products that fit into one cubic foot of space or smaller. Product development is taken one step further making it unique in the world. A full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification facility including an RF chamber to allow product certifications such as FCC, CE and ICES to be met by product developers has also been incorporated. Further, a Canadian made environmental test chamber will facilitate product testing to both temperature and humidity extremes, which is a requirement of many industrial products. Certification requirements for worldwide distributed manufactured products including safety and EMC have increased dramatically over the last few decades adding a significant cost in both time and money to the product development process. "Through the incorporation of this capability we are removing a significant barrier to new product development while further increasing the competency of engineers in the lab through their close integration with the certification testing process." explains Tom Fortin, the labs inaugural Director. "The complete design process from concept to certified product production, ready for sale anywhere in the world, is now available in one facility." Adding to its unique configuration is the fact that the lab itself has no paid employees. The lab is staffed entirely by graduate engineers and technologists in various disciplines who are committed to developing products to be manufactured in Canada or USA. The resident Independent Product Developers (IPD’s) will offer design services for individuals, corporations and research institutions on a fee-for-service basis while managing responsibility of day to day operations for their particular section of the lab. The IPD’s will be mentored by several volunteer industry professionals from manufacturing, mining, medical and industrial corporations among others. "This unique operating model allows the lab to operate with minimal overhead while developing advanced commercial products." adds Mr. Fortin. "It is our goal not only to produce advanced commercial products, but to also enhance the competency of young engineers in skills essential to a strong entrepreneurial based manufacturing economy."

June 2013

Ontrak has received delivery of a Spartan 8S tin/silver wave solder machine manufactured by DDM Novastar in King of Prussia PA. The new lead-free machine completes our transistion to a full RoHS compliant facility.

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