ADU  Series - USB Data Acquisition Interface SDK 

Using the AduHid DLL - Introduction

The AduHid Dynamic Link Library (DLL) allows programs to communicate with Ontrak ADU devices.

This document describes the Application Programming Interface (API) that the AduHid.dll provides.

Experienced programmers can read the Overview and then jump to the Quick-Start page for their environment.

Beginners can read the Overview and then follow the click-by-click instructions to build a simple application.

Advanced Topics include timeout processing and using multiple ADU devices on one computer.


The AduHid allows a program to communicate with an ADU device through a pipe. Three types of pipes are provided.
ADU Device Pipe
ADU RS232 Pipe
ADU Stream Pipe (optional)

Visual Basic and C Programming Instructions

Instructions for creating a simple application that uses the AduHid.DLL

Quick Start

These links are for programmers conversant with building applications.

Detailed Documentation

Common Error Codes

Advanced Topics

Multiple ADU Devices
Device List Example Code


Common Error Codes
AudHid.h Header File For C
AduHid API Declarations for Visual Basic
AudHidTest Program

AduHid Help File Version 1.0