Using ADRCOM Terminal Emulation Software

ADRCOM is a FREE terminal emulation program available from Ontrak Control Systems that allows simple ASCII commands to be sent and received via a serial port. It can be used to verify hardware connection of an  ADR device and familiarize programmers with the ASCII commands used with the interfaces. In this example an ADR112 is connected to com1.


To use ADRCOM, download the software and UNZIP to your local hard drive. Simply, doubleclick the ADRCOM icon and the terminal program will load. Select your com port using the port pull down menu and click CONNECT.

Adrcomm1.gif (8516 bytes)

Figure 1 : Selecting COM Port

NOTE: If the port selected is in use, or is not present,  an error message will be shown. Ensure that you are selecting a valid COM port that is connected to an ADR interface device.

Once connected, you may simply type commands as listed in the ADR manual and read results on the terminal screen. In the example below, "rpa" is typed and the ADR112 responds with a binary representation of PORT A. Next, "rd0" and "rd1" commands are used to retrieve the status of the analog input ports.

Adrcomm2.gif (8704 bytes)

Figure 2 : Typing Comands and Viewing Responses

Download ADRCOM now.

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