Voltage Input to USB (Dual 0-5VDC)

24-Bit, Ratiometric or Absolute Measurements

ADU73 Analog Input to USB ( 0-5VDC Ratiometric or Absolute Measurements)


The ADU73 Voltage Input to USB Interface features two, 0-5VDC inputs that can be used for ratiometric or absolute measurements. Ideal for use with resistive sensing devices including linear potentiometers, string pots, thermistors etc. Features a 5.000V reference output (20mA) for biasing of external sensors to facilitate ratiometric measurements. Exceptional resolution, and low noise 24-Bit sigma-delta A/D with sample rates up to 1000s/s for a single channel or 500s/s for two channels. This low-cost Voltage Input to USB Interface is easy to use with VB, VB.NET, Visual C++, C , MATLAB, LABView etc. via standard HID drivers included with Windows. A mini-driver (DLL)* is also provided, allowing control using standard ASCII commands using familiar readfile and writefile commands. The ADU73 includes a 10' USB cable and is available in a flange mount enclosure with a DIN rail mount option.

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ADU72 3D Model IconDownload ADU73 3D STEP files for FLANGE or DIN mounting types.

Key Features

Technical Specification

ADU73 Specifications
Supply Voltage NONE (Bus Powered)
USB Supply Current (internal 24V supply) 50mA Typical 100mA Max
Isolation 2500V
Operating Temperature -25C Min to 60C Max
Operating Environment Humidity 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
  Ratiometric Measurements Absolute Measurements
Resolution 24- Bits (00000000-16777215) 24- Bits (00000000-16777215)
Range 0-5.000VDC ( +5.3 MAX, -0.3 MIN) 0-5.000VDC  ( +5.3 MAX, -0.3 MIN)
Total Absolute Unadjusted Error +/- 0.005% FSR MAX +/- 0.04% FSR MAX
Temperature Stability +/- 4 ppm FSR/Degree C +/- 4 ppm FSR/Degree C
Reference Voltage 5.000 VDC  +/- 2mV 5.000 VDC  +/- 2mV
Programmable Sample Rate 2.5, 5, 20, 100, 200, 500, 1000 s/s 2.5, 5, 20, 100, 200, 500, 1000 s/s
Data Format Decimal (ASCII) Decimal (ASCII)
Special Functions
5.000V Reference Output 5.000V @ 20mA MAX.
Mounting Options Flange Mount (STANDARD), DIN Rail


ADU73 Qty 1-4


ADU73 Qty 5-9


ADU73 Qty 10+


IMPORTANT: Specify mounting option when ordering.-FLANGE(standard) or -DIN . See Mounting Options for details.

Mounting Options

ADU72 USB 4-20mA Module FLANGE Mount
Comes standard with ADU73.
ADU72 USB 4-20MA Module DIN Mount
A $5 surcharge applies to the DIN RAIL option.