AduJava - Using the MS Visual Studio 6.0 Compiler

This page describes how to use the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 compiler to build the AduJava demo. The process is virtually the same as the .NET instructions. However in this case java is installed in a non-standard location so the example may assist those having problems with include files or libraries.

You will have to adjust the setpath.bat and compile.bat command files to reflect the locations of the software on your computer.

On my computer java is installed in N:\java thus the setpath.bat command file is:
setpath.VS6.jpg (10378 bytes)

The compile.bat command file is:
compile.VS6.jpg (17256 bytes)

Enter the following commands at a Windows command prompt.

	cd C:\AduJava
	javah AduJava
	java AduJava

The result should appear similar to this screen shot:

AduJava Help File Version
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