AduJava - Caveats


All of the DLLs must be accessible to the Java program. This is most easily accomplished by placing everything into the same sub-directory.

It appears that the java code, the java class and the wrapper C file must have the same name. (eg, AduJava.class, AduJava.c, AduJava.dll) When I tried to rename the java class to AduMain it would not access the AduJava dll.

A Java application is NOT a JavaScript applet. A Java application has access to all of the resources of your computer. A JavaScript applet runs within a "sandbox" inside a web browser. The "sandbox" prevents access to your computer resources (unless you do some involved processing to open up the environment)

The response string returned from the method Java_AduJava_ReadAduDevice call is not freed. This may result in a memory leak.


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